Fancies and Goodnights

Title:                      Fancies and Goodnights

Author:                 John Collier

Collier, John (1951). Fancies and Goodnights Garden City, New York: Doubleday

LCCN:    51014145

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Date Updated:  November 19, 2014

Fancies and Goodnights is a collection of fantasy short stories by John Collier, first published by Doubleday Books in hardcover in 1951. A paperback edition followed from Bantam Books in 1953, and it has been repeatedly reprinted over more than five decades, most recently in the New York Review Books Classics line, with an introduction by Ray Bradbury. A truncated British edition, omitting roughly one-quarter of the stories, was published under the title Of Demons and Darkness.

The collection is viewed as a classic of its genre. It won the International Fantasy Award for fiction in 1952, as well as an Edgar Award for “outstanding contribution to the mystery short story.” It compiles most of the stories from Collier’s prior collections as well as seventeen previously uncollected stories, several original to the volume. Collier reportedly rewrote many of his early stories prior to book publication.

The list of stories, from the Library of Congress catalog is as follows:


  • Bottle party — De Mortuis — Evening primrose — Witchs money — Are you too late or was I too early — Fallen star — The touch of nutmeg makes it — Three bears cottage — Pictures in the fire — Wet Saturday — Squirrels have bright eyes — Halfway to hell — The lady on the grey — Incident on a lake — Over insurance — Old acquaintance — The frog prince — Season if mists — Great possibilities — Without benefit of Galsworthy — The Devil Geoge and Rosie — Ah the university — Back for Christmas — Another American tragedy — Collaboration — Midnight blue — Gavin O Leary — If youth knew if age could — Thus I refute beelzy — Special delivery — Rope enough — Little memento — Green thoughts — Romance lingers adventure lives — Bird of prey — Variation on a theme — Night youth Paris and the moon — The steel cat — Sleeping beauty — Interpretation of a dream — Mary — Hell hath no fury — In the cards — The invisible dove-dancer of Strathpheen Island — The right side — Youth from Vienna — Possession of Angela Bradshaw — Cancel all I said — The chaser.


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