Don’t Know Much About History

Title:                      Don’t Know Much About History

Author:                 Kenneth C. Davis

Davis, Kenneth C. (1990, 2011). Don’t Know Much About History: Everything You Need to Know about American History but Never Learned. New York: Harper

LCCN:    2011500698

E178.25 .D37 2011


Date Updated:  June 26, 2015

Davis writes a good overview of American history, summarizing some of the key and decisive events of the past. While no substitute for a text book, Davis makes interesting subject areas which have put generations of high school history students to sleep. As augmentation to a prescribed course of study, or as a refresher for a HS/college graduate, this book is worth reading.

A word of caution. This is not a “bare facts’ history.” Davis’ writing style is heavily laced with very liberal editorialism. Davis also tends to insert his own opinions as fact. Overall he seems to view American history through liberal hindsight, rarely hesitating to impose his own value judgments on historical events and decisions made by political, military and business leaders.