The Yemen Contract

Title:                      The Yemen Contract

Author:                 Arthur Kerns

Kerns, Arthur (2016). The Yemen Contract: A Hayden Stone Thriller. New York, NY: Diversion Publishing Corp.

OCLC:    922912958

Summary: CIA operative Hayden Stone has his work cut out for him. Abdul Wahab seeks to make a power grab in the exotic land of Yemen and establish a terrorist base from which to launch an attack on Europe. Wahab lures Stone to Yemen by kidnapping his partner CIA officer Sandra Harrington in Sicily. Stone comfortably operates in this world where tribal leaders vie for power with the central government, al Qaeda exerts its influence through murder and mayhem, and double-dealing among Bedouin and townspeople is a national pastime. And the light from the merciless desert sun can cloak the most potent of weapons. The cat and mouse game goes from the capital Sana’a, to the deserts in the far east of the country, and to the mountain villages in the north. Stone has a personal stake in this mission, but can never keep his eye off of the greater plot developing, the one that puts millions in peril, and that only he can stop.


Date Posted:      November 7, 2016

The Summary above (WorldCat) is the same as the review published in The Intelligencer[1] It is listed as fiction selected by members (of AFIO).

[1] The Intelligencer: Journal of U.S. Intelligence Studies (22, 2, Spring 2016, pp. 141).