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Red Scare

Title:                      Red Scare Author:                  Robert K. Murray Murray, Robert K. (1955) Red Scare: A Study in National Hysteria, 1919-1920. Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Press LOC:       55007034 E743.5 .M8 Date Posted:      February 27, 2013 This book is an excellent case … Continue reading

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Cuban Bluff

Title:                      Cuban Bluff Author:                  Nigel West West, Nigel (1991). Cuban Bluff: A Documentary Novel of the Cuban Missile Crisis. New York: Crown LOC:       91015577 PR6073.E765 C8 1991 Date Posted:      February 25, … Continue reading

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The Bourne Ultimatum

Title:                      The Bourne Ultimatum Author:                  Robert Ludlum Ludlum, Robert (1990). The Bourne Ultimatum. New York: Random House LCCN:    89043201 PS3562.U26 B685 1990 Date Updated:  January 6, 2017 This is another in Ludlum’s Jason Bourne series. I’ve read them all, … Continue reading

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Title:                      Containment Author:                  Ian Shapiro Shapiro, Ian (2007). Containment : Rebuilding A Strategy Against Global Terror. Princeton: Princeton University Press. LOC:       2006031331 HV6432 .S49 2007 Date Posted:      February 19, 2013 The … Continue reading

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The Bourne Identity

Title:                      The Bourne Identity Author:                   Robert Ludlum Ludlum, Robert (1980). The Bourne Identity . New York: R. Marek Publishers LCCN:    79023638 PZ4.L9455 Bo Subjects Carlos, the Jackal–Fiction. United States. Central Intelligence Agency–Fiction. Bourne, Jason (Fictitious character)–Fiction. Terrorists–Fiction. Date Updated:  … Continue reading

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One Day in History 9/11

Title:                      One Day in History Author:                  Rodney P. Carlisle Carlisle, Rodney P. (2007). One Day in History—September 11, 2001. New York: Collins LOC:       2007028243 HV6432.7 .S44 2007 Date Posted:      February 18, 2013 The following is a publisher’s description for … Continue reading

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The Red Decade

Title:                      The Red Decade Author:                   Eugene Lyons Lyons, Eugene (1970). The Red Decade: The Classic Work on Communism in America During The Thirties. Arlington House LOC:       72139886 HX86 .L97 1970 Date Posted:      February 16, 2013 Over eighty years ago, … Continue reading

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