A Jacques Barzun Reader

Title:                      A Jacques Barzun Reader

Author:                 Michael Murray

Murray, Michael (2002) ed. A Jacques Barzun Reader: Selections From His Works. New York: HarperCollins

LCCN:    2001024604

CB358 .B29 2002


  • Literature of Spying

Date Posted:      March 9, 2015

Throughout his career Jacques Barzun, author of more than thirty books, including the New York Times bestseller From Dawn to Decadence, has always been known as a witty and graceful essayist, one who combines a depth of knowledge and a rare facility with words.[1] In A Jacques Barzun Reader, Michael Murray has carefully selected from Barzun’s oeuvre eighty of the most inventive, accomplished, and insightful essays, now available for the first time in one magisterial volume. The list of subjects covered has an amazing range: history, philosophy, literature, education, music—and more. Here is Barzun’s classic examination of baseball in American life, Lincoln as a literary artist, and the pleasures of reading crime fiction. Among the many diverse figures whom Barzun reexamines—leading to fresh portraits—are Shaw, Berlioz, Swift, both Henry and William James, Dorothy Sayers, Chapman, Agate, and Diderot.

Barzun,Jacques, “Meditations on the Literature of Spying,” is included in this collection.[2]

Jacques Barzun draws the reader into his enthusiasms with an infectious style and keen insights. A Jacques Barzun Reader is a feast for any reader.

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[2] Barzun,Jacques, “Meditations on the Literature of Spying,” in The American Scholar (34, 2, Spring 1965, p.168)