Title:                      Herblock A Cartoonist’s Life

Author:                 Herbert Block

Block, Herbert (1958). Herblock’s Special for Today. New York: Simon and Schuster. LOC: 58013755, E835 .B56

Block, Herbert (1964). The Herblock Gallery. New York: Simon and Schuster. LOC: 68055952, E846 .B55

Block, Herbert (1968). Herblock’s State of the Union. New York: Simon and Schuster. LOC: 70189745, E855 .B55

Block, Herbert (1968). Straight Herblock. New York: Simon and Schuster. LOC: 64024335, E841 .B58

Block, Herbert (1993). Herblock: A Cartoonist’s Life: Self-portrait and vies of Washington from Roosevelt to Clinton. New York: Macmillan. LOC: 93010098, NC1429.B625 A2 1993

Date Posted:      May 1, 2017

The prize-winning Washington Post editorial cartoonist Herblock is feared by erring politicians and admired by others for his humorous and pointed drawings on issues of the day. Along with 200 examples of his graphic style and ingenious ideas (Nixon holding the GOP elephant hostage, Carter viewing his own “Fuzzy” TV image, Ollie North turning shredded evidence into lucrative contracts), the artist here engagingly recalls a baseball-and-trolley-car Chicago boyhood followed by his start as a poorly paid cartoonist, a career which ultimately won him nation-wide recognition. Block includes hard-hitting capsule histories of Nixon, Reagan and Bush administration scandals he chronicled. His quietly told press corps anecdotes, such as helping a colleague authenticate a letter from President Truman, his insider bits on the famous and descriptions of correspondence he has received from people he has criticized are all pure delight.



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