Title:                      The Spy Who Spoke Porpoise

Author:                 Philip Wylie

Wylie, Philip (1969).The Spy Who Spoke Porpoise. Garden City, N.Y., Doubleday

LCCN:    74079970

PZ3.W9768 Sp

Date Posted:      January 24, 2017


As inflated as waterwings, this improbably complicated business about Project Neptune, a dead body which is washed up in Hawaii, porpoises trained to signal human intervention on an aquagraph, and one retired Mr. Grove. He’s a former OSS man, acrobat, magician, manufacturer of games now playing a combination of Chinese Checkers and Russian Roulette as he undertakes a mission for the Chief Executive. Along with a corpulent Russian opponent of an earlier era and the C.I.A., there’s a pretty (almost too) young girl who may be with him in his next adventure. Mr. Grove is quite genial but you will find it hard to keep up with him—perhaps even porpoiseless.

[1] Kirkus, downloaded January 24, 2017


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