Title:                      The Man from G-2

Author:                 Francis van Wyck Mason

Mason, Francis van Wyck (1941). The Man from G-2: Three of Major North’s Most Important Adventures. New York: Reynal & Hitchcock

ISBN10:                9997522931

Date Posted:      January 10, 2017

This is an omnibus of novels by Francis Van Wyck Mason. The work includes The Cairo Garter Murders, The Yellow Arrow Murders, and The Rio Casino Intrigue

Review by Peter Kenney[1] (The Yellow Arrow Murders, 1932Ca)

Hugh North is sent to either buy or steal plans for an advanced torpedo which are being sold by its inventor in Cienfuegos. The seller of the plans calls himself Alvarado but his real name is Doelger. He is a disgruntled American who was discharged from the U.S. Navy for dereliction of duty in 1918. When North arrives in Cienfuegos, he finds plenty of competitors already there seeking the prize. Some are agents of their governments while others are merely adventurers in the game for profit. In one role or another there are representatives from England, France, Japan, Germany, Russia, Portugal and Italy. This is the first novel in the series in which North operates in a foreign country under orders from G-2 on a matter of international intrigue.

KIRKUS REVIEW (The Cairo Garter Murders, 1938 )[2]

International characters in this Hugh North yarn, laid in Cairo. This forms the scene for a series of unpleasant murders and tense moments for the British. Bruce Kilgour and Stag Melhorne again on hand, and North through unscrupulous methods snatches victory for the British. Good adventure.

KIRKUS REVIEW (The Rio Casino Intrigue, 1941)[3]

Major Hugh North on the trail of Axis infiltration in Brazil works against time to prevent a major push to take over the country, as an unknown freighter, bearing money, and a leader, approaches for The Day. Using means not approved by the Embassy, harassed by the Carnival, North finally blasts his way to success. O. K.

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