Title:                      Snare of The Hunter

Author:                Helen MacInnes

MacInnes, Helen (1974, 2013). Snare of The Hunter. London : Titan Books

LCCN:    2013404425

PS3525.A24573 S66 2013

Date Posted:      January 7, 2017


No one is more negotiable than Helen MacInnes–it’s like those shares of AT&T for those who own them –and the only question is whether or not her next book will go up a little higher than the last. This is another basic suspense story when David Mennery is recruited by an old friend Mark Bohn to monitor the escape of Irina, the young woman he had loved years ago, out of Czechoslovakia. Her father is a hero, now in hiding, but her husband who has divorced her is way up there–with the secret police. Out and on they go to Vienna, through the Tyrol and the Engadine, although they are followed for most of the route and in time it becomes apparent, if not to David at least to the more vigilant Krieger, that Bohn is not on their team. . . . Trimmer than usual, with less scenic featherbedding, but ever so easy on the eyes and the mind.

[1] Kirkus, Downloaded January 7, 2017


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