Title:                      The Saladin Strategy

Author:                Norm Clark

Clark, Norm (2013). The Saladin Strategy. publisher not identified

OCLC:    894923518


Date Posted:      January 6, 2017

After twenty years of black-ops for the CIA, Jack McDuff settled into a simpler life as a contract agent known only to his Langley contact. The new, routine-collection of intel for his handler allowed Jack and Mary Conlan to live the”good life” in their Lake Como villa, but not for long. His Vienna meeting, scheduled with an unknown contact, pulls Jack back into the dark world of murder and terrorism. Survival from assassins and the discovery of a secret Jihadist plot unknown to our intelligence services thrusts Jack into an unsanctioned mission, which ultimately takes him to our nation’s Capital. Details emerge and elevate the plot to the highest level. Their mission’s success will upset the global political balance and eliminate America’s influence in the Middle East with no support from her allies. Faced with an imperative to involve an Agency for action, Jack deals with a dilemma. His opposition reaches high into the White House hierarchy and he trusts no one. Jack’s mission, filled with twists and turns, races to a dramatic finale.


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