Title:                      Message from Malaga

Author:                 Helen MacInnes

MacInnes, Helen (1971). Message from Malaga. New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich

LCCN:    79160406

PZ3.M189 Me

Date Posted:      January 6, 2017


Helen Maclnnes pastmistressed the suspense story for so long that Mary Stewart almost seems like a parvenu. The comparison is not idle since they both construct their plots in order to pictorialize them. Now you might even go looking for one. The larger design is a divide-and-conquered America in 1976; the immediates deal with Jeff Reid, who helps to provide sanctuaries for Cuban refugees in Malaga, along with Tavita, a flamenco dancer. Jeff is almost killed with a cyanide pen; he succumbs to it altogether in a hospital bed. Then there’s Carlo Fuentes, Department Thirteen, KGB; and Ian Ferrier, his old friend; and Amanda, a dropout from Student Protest and is she or isn’t she and by the end she isn’t. . . . There are vistas and vistas of old and new Spain to take care of siestas and siestas.

[1] Kirkus, downloaded January 6, 2017


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