Title:                      Consent to Kill

Author:                Vince Flynn

Flynn, Vince (2006, 2007). Consent to Kill. New York: Pocket Books

LCCN:    2008274484

PS3556.L94 C65 2007


Date Posted:      January 5, 2017

Review based on by Michael D. Trimble VINE VOICE on November 25, 2005

Arab terrorists, international assassins, and politically appointed nitwits, Vince Flynn’s thriller delivers one has come to expect from the Mitch Rapp series: lots of action, impressive no nonsense black ops professionals, and edge-of-your-seat suspense-filled plotting. As you might expect, Consent to Kill begins with Rapp tracking down and killing a dangerous Islamic cleric with direct ties to suicide bombers. This little sidebar to the main story is meant to demonstrate Rapp’s technical skill and sense of justice. In that respect it forcefully succeeds. Unfortunately, Rapp has now reached that stage in his career where his reputation is legendary and his enemies are both numerous and extremely powerful and resourceful.

Until now Mitch has never had to face an opponent of equal talent, but that’s what happens when a fundamentalist Arab billionaire places a twenty million dollar bounty on Rapp. Predictably he lives to fight again but only after losing everything that is precious to him. Now everyone who was involved in this attempted assassination is on the run as Rapp tries to piece together exactly who to blame. Rapp is the proverbial  lone-wolf, loose cannon that not only has the terrorists ducking for cover, but also has politicians trying to put him on ice as well.

Consent to Kill is an exciting eye-for-an-eye thriller that is sure to be enjoyed his many fans. Not all readers will be so sanguine. The book could have been maybe 50 pages shorter without as much needless repetition and explanation; there are some loose ends that should have been tied up since most readers will be left wondering; and some of those 50 pages that could have been cut should have been devoted to better character development. On the whole, the book is enjoyable and matches Flynn’s earlier fiction.


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