Title:                The Salzburg Connection

Author:            Helen MacInnes

MacInnes, Helen (1969, 2012). The Salzburg Connection. London : Titan Books

LCCN:  2015295779

PS3525.A24573 S25 2012

Date Posted:    January 4, 2017


Post-World War II connections sometimes come out of an intricate underground latticework that now includes submerged Nazis waiting to rise again, Peking power seekers and embattled operatives from the West. At least according to this novel in which the plot moves with the MacInnes precision but actuates within a certain limited vision. Richard Bryant, photographer and ex-British agent, dies in the attempt to retrieve a chest once carefully secreted in Lake Finstersee, Austria. Of the few people aware of his plan, one Eric Yates, Zurich representative for an American publishing house, has disappeared. Yankee Bill Mathison, the publishing firm’s lawyer, arrives right after Bryant’s death and Yates’ disappearance. He finds himself in the middle of Gestapo/Communist crossfire. It all has to do with the contents of the chest which Bryant’s brother-in-law has spirited away naively hoping to sell it to the highest bidder. It’s a bonanza in blackmail records and the game is Who Do You Trust. . . you can almost guess but there is one certainty—The Salzburg Connection will have most operative sales.

[1] Kirkus, downloaded January 4, 2017


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