Title:                      The Kill Artist

Author:                  Daniel Silva

Silva, Daniel (2000). The Kill Artist: A Novel New York : Random House

LCCN:    00055308

PR6069.I362 K55 2000


Date Posted:      January 2, 2017


Silva churns out his fourth thrill-a-minute sure-fire bestseller in as many years (The Marching Season, 1999, etc.). Another tale of international intrigue, this one rips Middle East strife from the headlines and introduces hero Gabriel Allon, living quietly away from the Israeli-intelligence work that got his wife and daughter killed. But the threat of Yasir Arafat’s assassination and permanent end to the peace process brings him back into action to chase across continents and put to an end the Palestinian terrorist who has a mysterious connection to Allon. Silva, who’s covered Middle East politics as a journalist and CNN producer, promises intriguing backstory and more twists and turns than you can shake an olive branch at.

[1] Kirkus, downloaded January 2, 2017

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