Title:                      The Ninth Orphan

Author:                James Morcan

Morcan, James (2011) and Lance Morcan. The Ninth Orphan. Papamoa, N.Z.: Sterling Gate Books

OCLC:    749389164

Kindle Book


Date Posted:      January 2, 2017

The Ninth Orphan can draw you in instantly. From the introduction of the orphans as children, to the nail biting, how will it all end, ending, this story is engrossing.

The book begins with the twenty-three young orphans hiking through the woods with a single adult. The young orphan number nine is called upon to shoot a deer the group stumbles upon. He is handed the rifle and is tasked with ending the creature’s misery, but there is a problem. He is unable to take the lethal shot as he empathizes with the pain the creature is feeling.

The story then jumps several years into the future and focuses on a now grown orphan number nine. This is a story that has it all. The pages fly by as the reader is submersed in a suspense filled story, with plenty of action and many surprises.

The book is a quick read that will not disappoint. It is an excellent introductory story that continues in a trilogy.


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