Title:                      The Secret Road

Author:                  Bruce Lancaster

Lancaster, Bruce (1952). The Secret Road. Boston, Little, Brown

LCCN:    52006785

The Secret Road


  • “An Atlantic Monthly Press book.”

Date Posted:      December 16, 2016


The story of a war within a war as Tories battled Rebels in the strategic area between Stamford and New London, and a “timid man” dared the impossible. The plot revolves around Grant Ledyard a prisoner who escaped to rejoin the Americans at Fairfield. There, under the leadership of Talmadge, he plays an important part in running down the mystery of “John Anderson”, (André) and his tragic involvement with the traitor Benedict Arnold at West Point, as well as fighting off a band of Tories at Redding Ridge beNt on the capture of French gold. A vigorous picture of a little known phase of the American Revolution.

[1] Kirkus, downloaded December 16, 2016


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