Title:                      Stranger in Town

Author:                 Howard Hunt

Hunt, E. Howard (1947). Stranger in Town. New York, Random house

LCCN:    47001651

PZ3.H9123 St

Date Updated:  January 17, 2017


This is a different sort of book about the readjustment problem of the returned veteran. John Fleming came back, all in one piece, thinking he wanted to find things just the same. He even hoped to recapture lost rapture through drink and women and luxury, but it didn’t work. He was bored— and angry and hurt. He was an alien in the nightclub-country club-cocktail party set. He had a chance to get back his lost love but found he didn’t want her. He couldn’t even work again on his sculpture to his satisfaction. He went to the Laurentians and found physical exhaustion in tough skiing a good purgative. He came back to face the reality of his best friend’s death, and the survival of his widow and child. He found himself again in an idea for a war memorial which carried the message he wanted of what war signified. And he knew that his future happiness lay in his need for Davis’widow and son. It’s lush, but vivid; it’s sordid on a de luxe scale, and libraries will want to check it over.


For a review of all of H. H. Hunt’s novels, see Maelstrom (1948).[2]

[1] Kirkus review, downloaded December 13, 2016

[2] Hunt, E. Howard (1948). Maelstrom. New York: Farrar, Straus



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