Title:                      The Shadowboxer

Author:                Neal Behn

Behn, Noe (1969). The Shadowboxer. New York: Simon and Schuster

LCCN:    77075858

PZ4.B4193 Sh

Date Posted:      November 26, 2016

Review by By CorpSecExec (November 22, 2006)

A ripping great book with a fast-moving, well told story line. Erik Spangler is a free-lance agent used by the Allies in WWII, but strictly for his own reasons. Incredibly capable at espionage, able to move in Nazi territory and into and out of concentration camps, Spangler is driven by his own personal demons. I never could figure why Hollywood never made a mini-series of this book. Although at the time it would have been hard to get it on TV, the weave of the story would be almost impossible to get onto the big screen and do the book any kind of justice.

Spangler is a driven man with allegiances only to a few friends and an overriding hatred of Fascism. If you are looking for a really great WWII read–this is it.


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