Title:                    The Kremlin Letter

Author:                Noel Behn

Behn, Noel (1966). The Kremlin Letter. New York: Simon and Schuster

LCCN:    66016149

PZ4.B4193 Kr

Date Posted:      November 26, 2016


Yes! As the publishers hint, it is Mickey Spillane disguised as De Sade under a Hammett hat. But they forgot to include Donald Duck. And Donald is making the scene although the reader won’t notice, he’ll be too involved. One suspects that even the CIA has never dreamed of such detail. Take the code names: “The Virgin”–Charles Rone, ex-American Military Intelligence Agent and possessor of a total recall memory and a fatal attraction for women; “Sweet Alice” and “Uncle Morris” (just reverse indicated sexes); “The Warlock”–a sweetheart of a fella; “The Highwayman”–? They are all part of an independent (and very expendable) operation our government has hired to grab a slippery letter that’s drifting around in a three-way Cold War. And when this particular clan moves into Moscow, the way has been paved with an intricate preparation that is too much (particularly when it comes to perversion). There’s not a moment’s rest as we carry on to? Finally the reader is allowed to rest. What was that Quack in the background… fading off into “Q”.

[1] Kirkus, downloaded November 26, 2016


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