Title:                      China Bomb

Author:                   Richard Tregaskis

Tregaskis, Richard (1967). China Bomb. New York, Washburn

LCCN:    67018206

PZ3.T71504 Ch

Date Posted:      November 21, 2016


In the beginning Guadalcanal diarist Tregaskis’ first novel seems to be part of the literary overkill initiated by Messers. Burdick, Knebel and Bailey—a pushbutton-panic button alert: the Chinese not only have the H-bomb but are ready to drop it on the U.S. 7th Fleet. Hank Musgrave, fresh from the “vibrant masses of hips and thighs” of charming Mary Wu (who is attacked by the enemy later) is enlisted to help stop the drop. From here on, the story inches into Green Beret country as a group of commandos move on land, sea and underwater (via submarine) to locate and dismantle the bomb in its storage vault—a rough reconnaissance through brush and barbed wire and the best as well as better part of the novel. There are lots of people from the President of the U.S. down, but scarcely a character in sight, and it is all teletyped in a precipitous prose. May do for a masculine market now, but probably better in paper the second time around.

[1] Kirkus, downloaded November 21, 2016


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