Title:                      War of Eagles

Author:                  Jeff Rovin

Rovin, Jeff (2005) created by Tom Clancy and Steve Pieczenik. Tom Clancy’s Op-center. War of Eagles. New York: Berkley Books

LCCN:    2005577014

PS3553.L245 T669 2005


  • When a mysterious cabal within the U.S. State Department causes tensions to erupt between Iran and Azerbaijan and plots to depose the President of the United States, Paul Hood and the Op-Center team must stop the conspiracy.

Date Posted:      September 7, 2016

Tom Clancy is, to me, to the right of Donald Trump. His ideology has been somewhat tempered by author Jeff Rovin in this #12 version of Tom Clancy’s Op Center: War of Eagles. In spite of Clancy, I am a fan of his books (I like big fat books) and of the Op-Center books. I like the action and suspense and the characterization is good. This book was badly hurt when Paul Hood is removed from Op-Center. He has been the central character throughout the series and to remove him is absolutely absurd. It might have been different if he retired, or quit on his own, but he was fired and a general took his place. This is Clancyesque, who believes that American Intelligence is in the trash bin. Throughout the book I hoped that Hood would regain his job, or that the tyrant general would get fired. Then there is the firing of main character, Bob Herbert. I don’t know what inspired this decimation of characters, other than to show how policymakers can never deal with the truth from good intelligence analysis.

The book begins with a bang (actually), and could be excellent. I’d love to know the motivation for the abrupt turn in the plot line.


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