Title:                      Catch a Falling Spy

Author:                 Len Deighton

Deighton, Len (1976). Catch a Falling Spy. New York : Harcourt Brace Jovan

LCCN:    76018248

PZ4.D324 Cat3


  • Originally published in England under the title Twinkle twinkle little spy

Date Posted:      September 30, 2015

A Russian scientist defects, believing that in the West, he will more easily realize his dream of contacting planets in outer space. But British Intelligence and the CIA have more worldly plans for him. Spies and counter-spies play the game, leaving a trail of blood, that starts off in the awesome emptiness and remorseless heat of the Sahara to Manhattan, Paris, Dublin and back across Africa.

The story is well written and keeps you guessing until the end, on which side the characters ally with. With a few twists and turns along the way. Deighton doesn’t waste his time writing too descriptively. His spies are more”’down to Earth spies” compared with the James Bond ones. The story is reminiscent of what it was like growing up during the Cold War.


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