Title:                      An Expensive Place to Die

Author:                 Len Deighton

Deighton, Len (1967). An Expensive Place to Die. London: Cape

LCCN:    67087897

PZ4.D324 Ex2


Date Posted:      September 28, 2015


Deighton’s unidentified English operator, even if he looks exactly like Michael Caine, is in Paris and this new cat and rat chase isn’t quite so complicated as Funeral in Berlin[2], or The Billion Dollar Brain[3], or even the Metro. There he attempts to get the data on Datt, a psychedelic psychiatrist who runs a private clinic where there are all kinds of kinky sexual activities, and where, under drugs, he can open you up “like a cheap watch.” Then there’s Inspector Loiseau; Maria who had been Loiseau’s wife and is Datt’s illegitimate daughter; a painter-pimp; and others. Even without the snappy impudence (particularly in the dialogue) of the other ones, this goes right along without any detente and it should be expedited to a wide market which will read it now, see it later.

[1] KIRKUS review, downloaded September 23, 2015

[2] Deighton, Len (1964). Funeral in Berlin. New York, Putnam

[3] Deighton, Len (1966). The Billion Dollar Brain. New York: Putnam


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