Title:                      The Billion Dollar Brain

Author:                 Len Deighton

Deighton, Len (1966). The Billion Dollar Brain. New York: Putnam

LCCN:    66010466

PR6054.E37 B4

Date Posted:      September 25, 2015


The Billion Dollar Brain belongs to a powerful private intelligence unit and the data Deighton has programmed it with is much more fantastically complex than anything he used in The IPCRESS File[1] or Funeral in Berlin[2]. Actually it’s Goldfinger gadgetry. It begins with the attempt to unscramble some eggs which are smeared on the body of a Finnish journalist in Helsinki; it ends with the defection of a free-lancing American agent to Russia; and it includes, on a breathless tracer from London to Leningrad to New York, a rigid Russian Colonel Stok, a kittenish tiger, a mad Rightist playing his game of world monopoly at an installation in Texas, and of course the impervious “I” who tells the story which starts with a real stopper—“It was the morning of my hundredth birthday.” …… We’re not computing—this kind of entertainment is just as much a matter of timing as taste—but Deighton’s electronic tinkertoy is Smersh-ingly good fun, a bang up, bang bang affair.

[1] Deighton, Len (1962). The IPCRESS File. New York, Simon and Schuster

[2] Deighton, Len (1964). Funeral in Berlin. New York, Putnam


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