Title:                      You Only Live Twice

Author:                 Ian Fleming

Fleming, Ian (1964). You Only Live Twice. London: Cape

LCCN:    64007108

PZ4.F598 Yo2


Date Posted:      September 11, 2015


From Playboy, initially, that inexhaustible roué James Bond is back again, and after his last, rather flabby (best selling worst reviewed), appearance, his muscle tone is much improved. Partly because of his tutelage under Tiger Tanake, head of the Japanese secret service, who puts him through an advanced Japanese-type Tanney course of instruction which makes a kindergarten game of karate. Anyway, exchange for a Russian decoder, he agrees to destroy one Dr. Shatterhand in his Kyushu castle “garden of death” where suicide threatens to become genocide. With the help of peachbloom skinned Kissy Suzuki, the confrontation is made; so is the dentification—it is none other than Bondo-san’s old enemy, Blofeld… Once again the pain-pleasure principle has its best demonstration going.

[1] KIRKUS downloaded September 11, 2015


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