Title:                      Ian Fleming

Author:                Henry A. Zieger

Zieger, Henry A. (1965). Ian Fleming: The Spy Who Came in with the Gold. New York: Duell

OCLC:    516598667

Date Posted:      September 11, 2015

From Literary 007[1]

Henry A. Zeiger is a writer and playwright who analyzed the career of Ian Fleming, and wrote this 1965 biography. Zeiger tells how many of Fleming’s experiences in Naval Intelligence during the War were used in his fictional exploits about “James Bond”.

This book was published only a year after Ian Fleming’s death, so it is a collector’s item, with seemingly few copies available online. For those who are interested in Fleming’s Reuters days in particular, it’s a fascinating read, since it goes into some detail about the Metro-Vickers trial in Moscow that Fleming cut his journalistic teeth on. Ian’s wartime life is well documented including his 30AU commandos.

The book also spends a good bit of time on Valentine Fleming, who was a fascinating man as well. All in all, a good addition to the biographical canon.

[1] Literary007 “Top 10 Books on Ian Fleming and James Bond: Part 2,” downloaded Septemb

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