Title:                      The Scorpion’s Gate

Author:                 Richard A. Clarke

Clarke, Richard A. (2005). The Scorpion’s Gate. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons

LCCN:    2005048875

PS3603.L377 S37 2005


Date Updated:  April 1, 2015

Fiction can often tell the truth better than nonfiction. And there is a lot of truth that needs to be told.-Richard A. Clarke

In September 2012 I got this book in audio form, and liked it so much, I bought the hard copy. Richard Clarke, former head of counterterrorism for the US and dumped by George Bush when he refused to bleat the party line about WMD in Iraq, wrote an amazing book. He claims that no character in the book represents an actual person, but, wow, some come very close. I had to identify Secretary of Defense Conrad with Rumsfeld, for example. I think Clarke himself was in the book identified with 2 or more characters.

From the noted counterterrorism expert comes an astonishing fiction debut-a novel of terrorism, warring nations, and political treachery that could happen tomorrow. For three decades, Richard A. Clarke worked in the White House, State Department, and Pentagon. As adviser to four presidents, he traveled throughout the Middle East, visiting palaces, military bases, and intelligence centers, meeting rulers, soldiers, and spies. Some of what he found appeared in Against All Enemies. Much more of it appears here.

In an extraordinary geopolitical thriller filled with the kind of cutting-edge authenticity only someone on the inside could bring, Clarke takes readers just five years into the future, when forces both in the Middle East and the United States are at work to launch another war. But this time, it could be bigger. This time, it could be nuclear, and spread to Asia and beyond.

A coup has finally toppled the sheiks of Saudi Arabia, and put a determined but shaky Islamic government in its place. Everywhere, the scent of oil has begun to attract the scorpions, and among them are men in Washington and another capital ready to strike a devil’s bargain to fundamentally realign the map of the Middle East. The plans are not the same, however-though some of the planners think they are. Hidden agendas, fierce ambition, conflicting loyalties, faulty intelligence, catastrophic miscalculation-soon the dominos will start to fall, and not even the efforts of a few dedicated men and women on the outside may be able to stop an unstoppable folly.

Blending exceptional realism with intricate plotting, razor-sharp suspense, and a remarkable cast of characters, The Scorpion’s Gate will be one of the most talked-about novels of 2007.


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