Title:                      Hostage Tower

Author:                 Alistair MacLean

MacLean, Alistair (1980, 1983) with John Denis. Hostage Tower. New York: Fawcett Crest

OCLC:    09436294

PR6063.A248 H67 1983

Date Posted:      October 8, 2014

Here’s what a customer on Amazon wrote about the book. I have not read Air Force One is Down so I can’t comment on that book, but I concur with the rest of the review.

I had just finished this book’s sequel, also by John Denis, Air Force One is Down, so my expectations for Hostage Tower were at rock bottom. My expectations were not exceeded but spot on. Do not get me wrong. I am a MacLean fan, but that does not include being a fan of cheap MacLean imitations like this. John Denis has neither MacLean’s talent for spicing up a story with mystery nor his wit. Hostage Tower is a pedestrian, trivial, predictable hostage drama where everything unfolds as you would expect a hostage drama to unfold. No mystery. No wit. No plot twists of interest. A plot full of holes, ranging from the utterly silly or the obviously impossible to plain contradictions. A B-movie was filmed in 1980, based on this book. It is the least interesting MacLean movie I have ever seen. Read: Boring from start to finish. The film’s rating on the International Movie Database […] is as low as 5.3/10, which is a scandal for a “MacLean” movie. At least the film makers have the valid excuse that the script was useless from the start, but then again, why bother making a film out of it in the first place?

This book should have been titled “How to make money for MacLean and his publisher without actually going through the trouble of writing a book himself”. It may be tempting to make a quick buck out of a well-reputed name by having a B-author write a book and put a MacLean stamp on it, but in the long term, it risks discrediting MacLean’s name.

If you are desperate for something to read, for example if you are a hostage yourself and the alternative is staring into a wall or reading the yellow pages, or if you have been forced on vacation with your mother-in-law and need an excuse to distance yourself from her, then maybe this book can distract you for a couple of days. In most other situations, this book is a waste of paper.

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