Title:                      Floodgate

Author:                 Alistair MacLean

MacLean, Alistair (1983). Floodgate. London: Collins

LOC:       84149000

PR6063.A248 F55 1983

Date Posted:      August 7, 2013

As is true for all the later books of MacLean, this one is formula driven, and far from his best writing.

An organization calling themselves the FFF (“Fighters For Freedom”) start breaching dykes in order to force the Dutch government to force the British government to pull all their troops out of Northern Ireland. It is the task of Peter van Effen, a detective-lieutenant in the Amsterdam police, to find and stop the FFF.

The story is weak and the plot very thin, with the “love interest” and Van Effen’s sister serving no real purpose. The ending falls apart as an explanation for the ludicrous behavior of all involved is offered. Too much explanatory dialogue, naïve villains, no claustrophobic tension and without the signature plot twists this is a very weak MacLean.


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