Title:                      Chronicle of the 20th Century

Author:                   Clifton Daniel

Daniel,Clifton (1994), ed. in chief. Chronicle of the 20th Century: The Ultimate Record of Our Times. Liberty, MO: JL International Pub

LOC:       94213235

D422 .C53 1994

Date Posted:      August 6, 2013

This book, also available on a CD-ROM, provides a fabulous interactive view of the news, people, and trends for each day of our latest century. It invites you to step back into history to experience mankind’s triumphs and tragedies from the Wright Brother’s first flight to the Apollo moon landing… from the Great Depression to the Radical 60s to the present 90s.

The program begins in the 3-D Newsroom which is an interactive route into the Chronicle. As you move the browser across the screen, objects such as drawers, news clips, or the typewriter may move or make sounds. You can click on them to connect you to more news stories. The other areas of the Chronicle include the News Screens, the Calendar, Biographies, 20th Century in Focus, and Chronicle Online.

The 1,100 News Screens contain more than 6,000 news bits and stories written in the familiar tabloid format and a “you are there” style. The linked screens highlight the events month-by-month with News in Brief giving a day-to-day account of the century’ s events.

The Calendar is organized by decades and lists each year for each decade. Clicking on a year takes you to the corresponding News Screen.

The Biographies section contains over 100 biographies of the famous and sometimes infamous personalities of the century. The biography screens review the person’s life and achievements. A chronology button takes you to a pop-up chart of key dates and events in the person’s life.

20th Century in Focus examines, in-depth, 8 critical movements or conflicts which have shaped the world. This section contains excellent nostalgic video clips. If you are unsure where to begin, the program offers a random tour option. If you are looking for events on a specific date or topic, the powerful Search screen which allows keyword and date searches, will quickly connect you to the information. Finally, to keep you most up-to-date, the program features Chronicle Online which connects you to the Chronicle’s website for the latest news.

With over 6,000 news articles, 3,000 photographs, 90 archival sound clips, 70 videos, and 80 maps and animations, the Chronicle of the 20th Century CD-ROM is an ideal source for information and entertainment.


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