Title:                      Citizen Cohn

Author:                  Nicholas von Hoffman

Von Hoffman, Nicholas (1988). Citizen Cohn. New York: Doubleday

LOC:       87027450

KF373.C62 V66 1988

Date Posted:      July 3, 2013

Roy Cohn was a homosexual Jew who viciously persecuted homosexuals and Jews, along with communists, suspected communists, artists, writers, intellectuals and actors as a chief aid to Senator Joseph McCarthy.

Cohn died of AIDS, and his ending would almost be poetic were it not so horrible. As an assistant to McCarthy, Cohn ruined the lives of countless people as part of McCarthy’s anti-communist witch hunts. His methodical cruelty was matched only by his striking hypocrisy, as he went about extorting and outing and ruining the careers of homosexual government employees all the while using his position to get jobs for his lover and living the life of a deeply homosexual man. He accused many of scamming the government, meanwhile he scammed his coworkers and his friends of immeasurable money, time and energy. Citizen Cohn is a wonderful read about a chapter in American history that many people of all political persuasions would like to forget. We shouldn’t forget, lest we do it again; assuming we’re not already doing it.


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