Title:                      Beyond Terror

Author:                  Chris Abbott

Abbott, Chris (2007). Beyond Terror: The Truth about the Real Threats to Our World. London: Rider

LOC:       2009285496

H87 .A23 2007

Date Posted:      June 5, 2013

This book examines different threats that could have a larger impact on society than terrorism.

The attacks of September 11th created an iconic image in our mind that we will never forget. The sight of the two planes crashing into the twin towers has affected people in so many different ways. It created sadness, disbelief, anger and unity which were immediate responses while watching the horror on television. The next five years after the attacks, opinions have been circulated. The continuing war on terrorism and the invasion of Iraq has showed that the concern over al-Qaida has equally affected our allies. This horrific even created an unquestioned belief that international terrorism is one of the greatest threats to security that we face.

The buildup to the U.S. presidential election in 2004 created the rebirth of the long dead Committee on the Present Danger. In the past, this committee focused on convincing the American public and politicians the danger posed by the Soviet Union. At the end of the Cold War the committee returned into the shadows the reformed again to face another clear and present danger to the U.S. which was international Islamic terrorism. This organization is dedicated to the protection and the expansion of democracy by winning the war on terrorism. They have turned their focus on terrorist creating paranoia and a climate of fear associated with terroristic threats.

Modern threats are often interconnected which have created a growing international awareness that international terrorism and armed conflict cannot be dealt with the isolation from those of extreme poverty and environmental degradation. These not only threaten human security and state security, but they also do not recognize national borders. 9/11 is an example of why Western countries cannot protect themselves from developments taking place elsewhere. It also showed how other societies are interconnected and interdependent like never seen before. The consequences from the attack most likely led to thousands of more children dying worldwide and an increase of millions of people living below the poverty line. To overcome these types of threats, we need to understand the nature of various threats to not only our security but also to international security. There is not enough evidence to consider that terrorism is the greatest threat in the world. There is a different picture of fundamental threats that we face in which come from four interconnected trends. These trends are climate change, competition over resources, marginalization of the majority world, and global militarization. These are most likely to create large scales of life loss and have the greatest potential to create conflict to the international system.


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