Title:                      GERMANY, INC

Author:                   Werner Meyer-Larsen

Meyer-Larsen, Werner, (2000). GERMANY, INC.: The New German Juggernaut and its Challenge to World Business. John Wiley & Sons

LOC:       99033865

HG4910 .M38713 2000

Date Posted:      May 21, 2013

While the Japanese economic miracle nears an end, German companies set up in Europe turn their attention to America. The recent acquisition of Chrysler by Daimler is a example, but there are also emerging changes in other industries, e.g. in publishing (Bertelsmann), and in chemical and financial companies. Where acquisitions or technology purchases are not possible, competitors will be brought to the American market leaders in life. This development is not only a symbol of a power struggle between companies, but as it were for a tough clash of Western capitalist cultures. Germany attaches great importance to hierarchy, wage equality, and cooperation with trade unions, and indeed has a skilled but not very creative workers. In America, the situation is reversed.

This unique book examines the long-term consequences of this development for the global economy and draws vivid portraits of Germany’s major business leaders, such as Jürgen Schrempp (Daimler), Thomas Middle Hoff (Bertelsmann), Jürgen Weber (Lufthansa) and Henry of Poerer (Siemens).


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