The Collapse of Communism

Title:                      The Collapse of Communism

Author:                  Bernard Gwertzman

Gwertzman, Bernard (1990) and Michael T. Kaufman. The Collapse of Communism. New York: Times Books

LOC:       90010755

HX44 .C6415 1990

Date Posted:      February 13, 2013

The articles in this book, edited by , were written by the correspondents of The New York Times. The book is a collection of short but informative articles edited by Bernard Gwertzman and Michael T.Kaufman. The book is a useful volume by correspondents of who had the benefit of being first-hand observers of the events in Eastern Europe, the USSR, and China. One should not, however, expect to read detailed analysis of every aspect of the 1989 Springtime of the People; rather, I can recommend this volume as an extensive collage of journalistic articles, especially for lower-level courses on Europe and Eastern Europe.

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