Victory and Honor

Title:                  Victory and Honor

Author:                 W. E. B. Griffin

Griffin, W. E. B. (2011) and William E. Butterworth IV. Victory and Honor: An Honor Bound Novel. New York: Penguin.

ISBN: 978-0399157554

PS3557.R489137V52 2011

Acquired:                            2012

Finished Reading:            June 2, 2012

We pick up Cletus Frade’s story. World War II is almost at an end, and is over in Europe. Just weeks after Hitler’s suicide, Frade and his colleagues in the OSS find themselves up to their necks in battles every bit as fierce as the ones just ended. The first is political – the very survival of the OSS, with every department from Treasury to War to the FBI grabbing for its covert agents and assets. The second is on a much grander scale-the possible next world war, against Joe Stalin and his voracious ambitions. To get a jump on the latter, Frade has been conducting a secret operation, one of great daring-and great danger-but to conduct it and not be discovered, he and his men must walk a perilously dark line. One slip, and everyone becomes a casualty of war

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