Title:                  AKA Jane

Author:                 Maureen Tan

Tan, Maureen (1997). AKA Jane. New York: Mysterious Press

LCCN:    97007018

PS3570.A785 A78 1997


Date Updated:  June 7, 2015

The protagonist is Jane Nichols, a counter-terrorist assigned to Britain’s MI5 team. For the past seven years, Jane dreams of avenging the death of her lover and partner, who died during a botched operation. Now Jane is retiring to pursue her obsession: getting even by killing Jim O’Neil, the IRA agent who destroyed her life seven years ago.

Jane moves to Savannah, Georgia where she becomes a mystery writer. She adopts one of her alter-egos, Max Murdoch, author of a detective series. Her seemingly simple project is quickly compounded by the fact that Jim O’Neil has just been voted the Georgia businessman of the year and is widely respected throughout the state.

Jane decides to look closely at her nemesis’ business. She partners with her former British MI5 mates, their American counterparts, and the Savannah chief of police, handsome Alex Callaghan, who raises once dead feelings of passion in the deadly assassin. Still Jane continues to investigate even as she knows that as she gets closer to the truth about her arch-enemy, she steps ever closer to death.

With Jane, Tan creates a strong heroine in a genre not known for them. AKA Jane introduces a very interesting new protagonist, who as she allegedly has come in from the cold, still uses the skills she has gained over the years. Jane will quickly gain a large fan appreciation. The story line is straight forward with very few twists and turns, but surprisingly that adds to the overall fun of an exciting spy-like thriller.


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