Title:                      The Collectors

Author:                                David Baldacci

Baldacci, David (2006). The Collectors. New York: Warner Books

LCCN:    2006010986

PS3552.A446 C65 2006


  • “The assassination of the Speaker of the House sets the members of the Camel Club in a race to prevent a silent yet bloody coup in Washington”–Provided by the publisher


Date Updated:  November 12, 2015

The four disillusioned, aging gentlemen featured in Baldacci’s 2005 best-seller, The Camel Club, return in this engaging offering. The ringleader of the eccentric Washington, D.C., group (comprised of obsessive-compulsive computer-whiz Milton Farb, decorated Vietnam vet Rueben Rhodes, and slightly rumpled library-scholar Caleb Shaw) is an ex-CIA conspiracy theorist who goes by the pseudonym Oliver Stone. All are reunited when Shaw’s boss, the Library of Congress’ director of Rare Books and Special Collections,
is found dead. Why was he killed? Might it have been for possession of a rare collection of Puritan psalms?

Meanwhile, a few hundred miles away, sexy scam artist Annabelle Conroy avenges her mother’s death with a fiendishly clever con pulled on a nefarious Atlantic City casino
magnate. Though his two plots converge in a rather contrived way, Baldacci delivers crisp, economical prose and a cast of spies, misfits, and assassins that would make even the most patriotic citizen question the American political system. The best of the characters include gorgeous, gutsy newcomer Annabelle and the wonderfully idiosyncratic Stone, who spends many a day camped out on the lawn across from the White House with a sign that says, “I want the truth.”


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