Title:                      Patriot Games

Author:                  Tom Clancy

Clancy, Tom (1988). Patriot Games. New York: Putnam

LCCN:    87006910

PS3553.L245 P38 1987


Date Updated:  September 25, 2015

Patriot Games, although not the first published, is the first chronologically of Tom Clancy’s series of Jack Ryan novels. It explodes from the beginning pages. The story begins with Ryan and his wife and daughter in London on a working vacation. Ryan happens upon an IRA terrorist attempt on the car driving the Prince of Wales and his wife. Ryan thwarts the attempt, suffering grave injury, and recovers to testify in the trial of one of the terrorists.

One of the would-be killers wants revenge for his brother’s death in the failed attempt. Jack and his family are the targets. It’s a chilling game of cat-and-mouse, and this time the bad guys just might win but the terrorist escapes while being transported to prison. Feeling secure Ryan and family fall back into normalcy believing they are safe. However the terrorist hunt Jack and his family down. Jack joins the CIA in an attempt to find and eliminate those who did him and his family harm.

The remainder of the story follows the escaped terrorist’s plot for revenge on Ryan, ending with a full scale assault on Ryan’s home by terrorists while Ryan is entertaining the Prince of Wales and his wife. All of Ryan’s family are targeted by the terrorists and injured to varying degrees prior to the finale. Patriot Games is one of the better books by Tom Clancy, and that is saying something to most readers.



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