Title:                  The Killing Ground

Author:                 Jack Higgins

Higgins, Jack (2008). The Killing Ground. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons

LCCN:    2007033701

PR6058.I343 K55 2008


Date Updated:  June 17, 2015

Harry Patterson, better known by his pen name, Jack Higgins published The Killing Ground , novel, in the Sean Dillon series. The book has all the usual ingredients of a Jack Higgins novel – action, suspense, thrill and adventure. Featuring the intelligence operative Sean Dillon, The Killing Ground revolves around a routine and ordinary passport check that leads to some extraordinary circumstances.

Sean Dillon is an intelligence operative who is conducting a routine passport check at the Heathrow airport. However, the man he has stopped for the check is not ordinary. He is Caspar Rashid, a person born and brought up in England. He is a member of the Bedouin tribe, whose members have still not grown accustomed to the ways of the modern world and are still fiercely clutching on to their traditional ways. Rashid’s thirteen-year-old daughter, Sara, has been kidnapped and the culprit is none other than his own father. The old man has abducted the girl to marry her off in Iraq, to a man known as “Hammer of God”, who also happens to be among the most dangerous terrorists of the Middle East.

Rashid asks Dillon for help and this is where the thrill comes into the novel. As an operative, Dillon has had many clashes with Bedouin tribe and he sees this as an opportunity to get even. As the events unfold, Dillon is drawn into a web of deceit, mayhem and murder.


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