Title:                  Janson Directive

Author:                Robert Ludlum

Ludlum, Robert (2002). The Janson Directive. New York: St. Martin’s Press

LCCN:    2002005136

PS3562.U26 J36 2002


Date Updated:  June 19, 2015

Former operative, now security specialist Paul Janson is called in to rescue an international diplomat only to find himself set up, his team members killed, and the target of an immensely powerful cabal.

Paul Janson has a difficult past which includes a shadowy, notorious career in U. S. Consular Operations. Now living a quiet life, nothing could lure him back into the field. Except Peter Novak—a man who once saved Janson’s life—who has been kidnapped by terrorists and is set to be executed. Janson hastily assembles a team of former colleagues and protégés to rescue Novak but the operation goes horribly wrong. Now Janson finds himself marked for death and his only hope is to uncover the truth behind these events – a truth that has the power to foment wars, topple governments and change the very course of history.

Ludlum died in March 2001, but here he is again, back with yet another posthumous thriller. Such books rarely live up to the author’s standards, but this one is different it’s vintage Ludlum—big, brawny and loaded with surprises.


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